Clean Soles

“Because you deserve, Because we care”

“Easy Solutions for a Clean Life”

“ There are three solutions to every problem:  Accept It, Change It or Leave It.

 If you can’t Accept it, Change It, If you can’t Change It, Leave It.”

Eliminates stepping in urine

Keeps floors dry and safe

Creates a hygienic experience

Reduces the spread of odor and bacteria

Reduces constant mopping of floors

Eliminates replacing tilesdue to uric acid damage

“Easy Solutions for a Clean Life”

Issue : Urine On Floor

    Result : Clean Floors

Solution : Clean Soles

Solution : Clean Soles

Result : Clean Floors

Every customers, visitors, employee, student, guest, facility owner, facility managers and custodian deserves and wants a clean and dry bathroom, they deserve and need Clean Soles. Clean Soles is needed in every bathroom that has issues with urine on the floor.